• Antenatal care for mums

  • Antenatal care for uncomfortable pregnancies (is there any other kind??!!). Fairwater cares for mums and bubs to be with acupuncture and TCM for safe and effective treatments. There are many treatable issues but the main ones are lower back, neck and shoulder pain, nausea, heartburn, oedema, constipation, varicose veins, haemorrhoids anxiety and depression. As a general guide, acupuncture can be used with the following pregnancy schedule:

    Up to 20 weeks:

    Acupuncture helps prevent miscarriage and supports early pregnancy by regulating stress and maintaining a healthy immune system. It can also help relieve morning sickness.

    From 33 weeks:

    Acupuncture can encourage a mis-positioned baby to self correct and can ameliorate early contractions.

    From 36 weeks:

    Research shows that acupuncture preparation reduces potential medical interventions and provides the groundwork for an easier labour (SOURCE). Additionally, practitioners of acupuncture can also teach acupressure techniques to your partner or birth support person for hands on use during labour. Acupressure helps reduce pain and encourages an efficient labour and delivery.

    Naturally, acupuncture fits in with your post-natal care and can help with insufficient lactation, wound healing and post-natal depression.