• Herbal Appointment

  • The process

    Your practitioner will take a history of your health, taking into account your symptoms and where they are in the body, the time of day they occur, and the markers used in TCM such as tongue colour, pulse, face shape, and energy flow. In some cases you will only need a herbal prescription and possibly diet and lifestyle advice, while in others acupuncture may be included as an adjunct treatment. Naturally, your progress will be monitored in follow up visits spaced appropriately for your condition.

    Initial consultation duration is approximately 45 mins. Follow up consultations are shorter.

    The herbs supplied by Fairwater Health and Wellness are in the forms of concentrated granules / powders, capsules or black coated pills. They are usually taken orally. The powders can also be used topically if combined with other substances to make a paste, or as a foot soak or bath soak (for very young children).

    Insurance rebates

    Health funds do provide for TCM, depending on your level of cover. It is always best to check with your health fund provider prior to making an appointment.

    Concessions are also available.